On the front of our Menu, I include the phrase “Real, Fresh, Local”  These three words are a key part of how I view my food at Jersey Girl Cafe.  

When I started Jersey Girl Cafe, I wanted to serve the highest quality food. The best tasting dishes come from making them from scratch.  This meant that where possible our dishes are made with fresh produce, herbs and meats. Over 95% of our menu items use these fresh ingredients and our sauces are handmade.  When we can find a consistent local supply for our produce, we use that supplier, especially in the summer when New Jersey produce is amazing.

When I have to make exceptions, the decision is driven by a desire to ensure we place a consistent quality of plate in front of you for every meal.  (For example, we use frozen French Fries because we have yet to identify a consistent, quality source for local potatoes that deep fry well.)  These menu items are the exception, not the norm.

Our goal is to make sure that every time you sit down at Jersey Girl Cafe you are served a plate of exciting flavors, full of fresh food.

Kathleen RanaComment