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January 2017 - The New Year's Resolution

Getting fit and losing weight are the number 2 and 3 most common new year’s resolutions.  Alas, 55% of us lose our commitment to most new year’s resolutions within 4 weeks of new year’s day.

Change is hard, and changing how you eat and how you cook is especially challenging.  Most people who succeed in changing how they eat use various support tools (groups, apps, diet programs) to help with making changes.

Jersey Girl Café can be one of those go-to tools.  We are partnering with THE MAX Challenge to identify a menu that complies with the nutrition program that they offer to their members.

THE MAX Challenge offers a system that combines nutrition counseling, fitness classes and motivation.

For more details on THE MAX Challenge go to or call Noelmarie at 609-512-4350

Jersey Girl Café also offers a modified personal chef service, Chef Express, that allows you to order a week of meals.

Chef Express offers healthy, delicious meals using the freshest locally grown vegetables, herbs, seafood, and top quality meats.  We make dinner easy by offering a flexible personal chef service that allows you to order a week’s meals online and pick them up.

We specifically make meals using recipes from THE MAX Challenge Cookbook.


December 2016 - Online Ordering for Marketplace cafe

Jersey Girl Café is delighted to announce that we now have online ordering for our location in the Hamilton Marketplace (608 Marketplace Blvd near the Staples).

We chose our Marketplace location for the initial rollout because of the extended hours, and because after shopping you don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to satisfy any Jersey Girl craving.

The online ordering site can be accessed from our website ( or directly at

Ordering is easy, if we don’t say so ourselves. 

You are able to order from our full menu, including monthly specials.

Create your order exactly how you want it, and let us know when you want to pick up.

You can also pay online or at the store when you pick up.


November 2016


Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. 

From a kid’s perspective you always have an awesome 4 day weekend, you get to hang out with your cousins and the stress of Christmas expectations is a month away.

When my husband and I were dating, Thanksgiving was the first time I brought him home to meet my family.  Not from the US, my husband had the impression that American families were like the Bundy family on Married with Children, I needed to set him straight on that.  My parents were warm and welcoming and my brothers and sisters curious about the new guy. 

But it was my Aunt Rose who took the cake.  She must have taken a liking to him, and she was always my biggest fan.  After dinner Aunt Rose cornered Ajaz and asked him when he was going to ask me to marry him.  He was dumbfounded, impressed with my aunt’s sassiness, and immediately became her biggest fan!

Aunt Rose was everyone’s favorite aunt.  She was supportive of everything we did, always putting a positive spin on what could be risky adventures.

Rose Mozek make the fluffiest angel food cake, and a tart apple pie for her husband Adam who had diabetes.  She was older than Adam by a few years, who she met when he photographed her with another boyfriend.  Did I mention she was decisive.

Our Cheese Steak and Egg sandwich was created to remember how she would prepare steak and eggs for her sons, Robert and Ken when they were in college. 

And our Rosie Panini honors Rose, my godmother, with its complex, and sassy, red pepper pesto (with goat cheese) and fresh mozzarella.